Unbelievable Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Tragic accidents and pointless deaths happen every day and most of the time we hear about them second-hand or read about it in the newspaper.  But every so often, someone is present to document these horrifying acts.


The photos that follow show the moment before people suffered horrible accidents and sometimes death. Prepare yourself – #8 will truly disturb you.

A Deadly Jump


In 2014, 20-year-old Maqsood Khan, who may have been suffering from a mental condition, jumped over the enclosure to the white tiger den at the New Delhi zoo in India.  For 15 horrifying minutes the tiger sat and glared at the young man who appeared to be praying.  When bystanders started throwing rocks at the tiger to distract it, the animal attacked poor Maqsood, dragging him around the enclosure and finally killing him.  It took more than two hours for officials to corral the animal into a cage before they could recover the body.

After the incident there was debate as to whether Maqsood jumped into the enclosure or fell while losing his balance as he stood on the edge of the tiger’s barrier. Either way, it was a deadly decision for Maqsood.

A Horrifying Crash


This haunting still shot from a dashcam video captures the moment that TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashed into Taipei’s Keelung River on February 4, 2015. Two minutes after taking off from the Taipei airport the pilots reported an engine flameout.  In a panic, the pilots mistakenly – and fatally – shut off the lone working engine. The airplane then banked sharply left clipping a taxi traveling over the Huandong Viaduct before hitting the viaduct itself with its left wing.

Of the 53 passengers and 5 crew members onboard, 43 perished in the crash. Several cars traveling over the busy viaduct captured the crash mid-air via dashcams.

Regina Kay Walters’ Last Photo


This haunting photo of teenager Regina Kay Walters was taken by her killer just moments before she was brutally murdered.  At the age of 14 Walters and her boyfriend Ricky Lee Jones ran away from their Texas homes and were picked up by a man by the name of Robert Rhoades. What the unsuspecting teens could not know is that Rhodes was a serial killer suspected of murdering more than 50 women.

Ricky Lee Jones was killed quickly, but Rhoades kept Regina, cut her hair, and forced her to wear this dress.  He then took her to an abandoned barn and murdered her, but not before taking one final, horrifying photo of his victim.  Rhoades was later convicted of Walters’ murder and was sentenced to life without parole.

A Final Parkour Leap


This photo captures Pavel Kashin last parkour leap. In 2013 Kashin, a well-known Parkour expert and free runner, was trying to do a back flip against the wall.

With his friends filming the leap, Kashin lost his balance and plunged 16 stories to his death.

Terrifying Nightclub Tragedy


This remarkable photo captures the exact moment when the guitar player of the band Great White turned to notice the start of a fire that would eventually kill 100 people.  The tragedy occurred in 2003 at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island.

The fire was started by pyrotechnics that were set off by the headlining band’s tour manager. The pyrotechnics quickly ignited the highly flammable sound insulation in the walls and ceilings of the nightclub. The club was engulfed in flames before any of the onlookers had a chance to escape.

Crash of the Concorde


This is the final photo taken of Concorde flight 4590 as it took off from the airport in Paris en route to New York City. During takeoff the supersonic aircraft ran over debris on the runway, puncturing its fuel tank which lead to a huge fire.

All one hundred passengers and nine crew members were killed when the Concorde crashed into a hotel in nearby Gonesse.  Four people on the ground also perished in the only fatal accident during the Concorde’s 27 year history of trans Atlantic flight.

Horrifying Leopard Attack


In July 2012 this leopard escaped the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bengal and terrorized the nearby village of Limbu.  A full scale operation was assembled to track down the leopard and apprehend it before it could kill or maim innocent bystanders. This photo shows the moment right after one of the forest guards threw a stone into the bushes where the leopard was believed to be hiding.  Suddenly, the leopard let out a deafening roar and lunged at a passing guard who unwisely had his back turned to the wild animal.

The leopard pummeled the guard to the ground and then lunged at another guard before disappearing into the trees once again. It took another 3 excruciating hours before the leopard was finally tracked down and subdued. While the guard who was attacked managed to survive, the leopard did not.

The Hero of Columbine

In 1999 the word Columbine became associated with the worst mass school shooting in US history.  Students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado armed with guns and pipe bombs. The pair systematically went around the school murdering 12 fellow students and injuring 24 others before committing suicide.

In this photo we see William “Dave” Sanders, a teacher at the school rushing to warn students in the cafeteria that a deadly shooting had broken out. Moments after this photo he was gunned down by Eric Harris who delivered two shots to Sanders’ chest. Sanders’ heroic actions undoubtedly saved hundreds of innocent lives. Sadly, since 1999 there have been numerous school shootings that killed more people than Columbine.

Another Deadly Attack at the Zoo


When you climb into a wild animal enclosure bad things are going to happen.  In 2009 a woman by the name of Mandy K stunned onlookers when she jumped into the polar bear pen at the Berlin Zoo. Mandy was horribly mauled by the polar bear, but luckily was able to recover from her injuries.

After the incident Mandy’s ex-husband revealed that she had been depressed over not being able to find work. While the jump into the bear enclosure may have been a suicide attempt, that did stop not the zoo from pressing charges against Mandy for breaching the peace.